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Is pain or injury stopping you in your tracks?
Why suffer in silence when Forté Physical Health in Chelmsford can help?
We know a lot of people continue battling through their pain and restricted movement because they are not sure whether treatment would help, don't know who is best to treat them or can't get an appointment with their doctor or NHS provider.
A lot of conditions that could be easily treated are allowed to get worse or become chronic long-term problems purely as a result of not tackling them early with the appropriate treatment.
Our osteopaths are highly skilled practitioners who qualify after 4 years of full-time study, are registered with the General Osteopathic Council and are experienced in effectively treating a wide range of conditions.
Osteopathy aims to return full function to the body, treating it as a whole unit using touch, manipulation, stretching and massage to increase joint mobility and reduce muscle tension.
The Forté Physical Health team
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We will make an initial appointment for you with one of our Associate Osteopaths for 60 minutes but with your New Patient Voucher you will get the first 30 minutes completely free and without any obligation. We will do a full medical history and assessment of your condition and give you our diagnosis and recommended treatment plan. After that, if you want to continue, we will carry on and do the first treatment at our normal rate of £50 for 30 minutes, but if either we or you decide that it is not appropriate to continue with the treatment, we will part as friends without any charge to you and we will hope to see you again next time you might need our help.
Don't struggle on in pain when help is available now, 
come and see us at Forté Physical Health. 
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Guide to osteopathy
Get our FREE Guide to Osteopathy
We wrote this short guide to tell you what osteopathy is, what we do and how it will help you. If you still have questions, just give us a call.
  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Sports injury
  • ​Postural problems
  •  Sciatica
  • Wrist and elbow treatment
  • ​Hip pain, knee pain
  • Sports massage
  • ​Shoulder pain
Forté Physical Health in Chelmsford are a small, friendly team of highly skilled and experienced osteopaths who are passionate about helping people of all ages get back up and running, whether you are an elite athlete, an enthusiastic gardener or just want to do ordinary daily activities without pain.
Booking at our Chelmsford clinic
We are based in a brand newly refurbished clinic in the centre of Chelmsford with plenty of parking and easy access by train or bus.
Opening hours:
Monday 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
Tuesday 8.30 am to 8.00pm
Wednesday 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
Friday  8.30 am to 6.00 pm
Saturday 8.00 am to  1.00 pm

Phone:  01245 522360
32 Rochford Road , Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0EF
What is included in your initial assessment?
Full medical case history
Details of your complaint, pain and other related symptoms
Details of any previous injuries to the area
General health questions relevant to your problem
 History of previous accidents, fractures, operations
Physical examination
Movement and flexibility of the joints
Orthopaedic tests to exclude or identify specific conditions
Neurological examination to test the function of the nerves 
Discussion of diagnosis and suggested treatment plan
What our clients say about us......
"​A great team - really knowledgeable and understanding. My treatments were effective straight away."
K. Stevens

"​The best treatment I've had. The team are all very experienced and skilled. I have never walked out the clinic without feeling so much better!"
D. Bull

"​What a friendly and professional company. Forte Physical Health have helped me through a very difficult time with my back and I have come out smiling. Thank you"
D. Jarvis

What is osteopathy?
“Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions. It works with the structure and function of the body based on the principle that well-being depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues”
(General Osteopathic Council)

Osteopaths use touch, manipulation, stretching and massage to increase joint mobility, reduce muscle tension and enhance the blood and nerve supplies to the tissues (i.e. the body’s own healing mechanisms).
​They may use a combination of structural, hands-on treatment involving massage, stretching and in some cases manipulation. They will also provide exercises and lifestyle tips to address the cause of the problem.
Osteopathy Guide
If pain and injuries are stopping or hindering you doing the things you love then why not visit Forté Physical Health to get one of our specialists to assess you, treat you and get you back to doing the things you love to do as soon as possible. 
Enter your details above to get your free Assessment Voucher and our free Guide To Osteopathy.
And call  01245 522360  or book your assessment online for our Chelmsford clinic - easy access and lots of free parking.
We provide effective treatment  for injury and pain  to  all  body areas including  the neck, shoulder,  elbow, wrist, back, hip, knee, ankle, foot and for a wide range of conditions including  arthritis, sciatica  slipped disc, poor posture  and  headache.
Because of our expertise and reputation for getting results fast, patients visit us from a  wide local area including  Chelmsford , Writtle, Ingatestone, Boreham, Felsted, Little Baddow,  Great Baddow, Danbury and Galleywood.
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