Why you need testimonials and recommendations 
to boost YOUR practice profits

Free Guide shows you the easy way to get more new patients
 without spending more money on advertising
Using testimonials and recommendations
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Do you need more patients, but are worried that spending your hard-earned profits on advertising will not get the results you want?

Did you know that your existing and past patients are your most valuable resource and that recommendations and genuine testimonials are extremely powerful marketing tools when it comes to generating new patients?

Learn why you should tap into this free resource to generate more profit from your practice with our free introductory guide. 

What you will learn
  • The three key drivers of your business
  • Why you should work on testimonials and recommendations
  • Why you need automated systems for the best results
We are passionate about helping small businesses succeed
We are based near London and work with owners Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic practices in the UK to help them use the latest and most effective marketing approaches and automation tools to make more profits from their businesses without having to work harder at it.
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Keith Milsom
Business owner and consultant for more than 30 years, with the last 20 spent in e-commerce and online marketing. Business trainer and course creator..
Jackie Vokes
Extensive experience in physiotherapy, clinical governance, risk and patient safety. Now full-time marketing for physical therapy practices.
Qualified management accountant
Corporate finance consultant 
Started, run and sold several businesses 
Online marketing expert, trainer & presenter .
Qualified physiotherapist
Law degree
Worked at CSP as a Medico-Legal Professional Advisor 
More recently, Senior Patient Safety Officer in the NHS
Make more profits from your practice
Our free introductory guide to using testimonials and recommendations in your practice is part of our much wider programme of training materials to help you increase the profits you make from your practice..

We have produced a 30-minute training webinar on how to use business development and automated marketing tools to achieve the financial results you want.  It explains our 5-Step Practice Accelerator System and how you can implement it in your business.
The 5-Step Practice Accelerator System
5 Step Accelerator System
Don't miss out - this could make a massive difference to your business results!
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