Discover The Right Things To Do In Your Practice To Increase Profits
(marketing for owners of UK Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic practices)
Don't miss the Webinar with Keith Milsom - Learn what really works in business based on 40 years' experience...
(video is approx 30 minutes)

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Learn what really works based on 40 years of UK business experience...

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Webinar approx 30 minutes
Business profitability expert shares what really works
for practices in the UK in this FREE training event
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Learn the 5 Step Practice Accelerator System to decide what you want, what you need to do to get it and see how to use the automated marketing systems that will make it happen for you.
  • Find out why your current  marketing is not working and what you need to do to fix it
  • Learn the latest approaches to marketing that will help you beat the competition, even if they are big companies with huge budgets
  • Scroll down for more details on what you will learn
This recording will only be online for a few days so don't miss this opportunity!
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Free webinar workbook
We have produced a workbook to help you make notes during the webinar – it has all the main content headings and some diagrams and charts for you to add your own thoughts to – well worth downloading and printing before you start watching as it will save you a lot of time
Click here to download the workbook PDF (there is also a link to it on the webinar page when you watch it)
What You Will Learn On This Webinar...
Keith will cover all the key stages of the process with detailed explanations of what you need to do. 
  • Business analysis
  • Goals and forecasting
  • Modelling and strategy to succeed
  • Mining your patient database 
  • Customer and Services matrix
  • Defining your perfect patients
  • Past patient engagement
  • New patient sales funnels
  • Testimonials and recommendations
Here are just some of the things Keith is going to cover
Find out how to combine your expertise and our systems to make a lot more profit - Guaranteed!
Physio marketing - More profit - guaranteed
Learn our
5 Step Practice Accelerator System
5 Step Practice Accelerator System for physio / osteo / chiro marketing
See how to calculate your Planning Gap 
and how to fill it
The planning gap and how to fill it
Understand the 3 Key Factors that drive your income growth and how to improve them
Physio marketing - 3 key factors driving income growth
Find out how to stop wasting money on marketing by doing the right things
Osteo marketing - Fixing the leaky marketing bucket
Learn why you need to add Sales Funnels
to your marketing and how to do it
Chiro marketing - How to use Sales Funnels
See why Patient Lifetime Value is a critical measure of success and how to increase it
Patient Lifetime Value
Understand the importance of conversion analytics, tracking and which metrics to use
Conversion monitoring and analytics
Keith will cover all this and a lot more in a fast-paced training session to give you an overview of all these key business development and marketing concepts, how they fit together and how to make them work in your business to create the extra profit you want.
You will also see how you can get all the analysis, planning and automated systems actually working in your business with a GUARANTEE that you will make more extra profit than it costs.
We are passionate about helping small businesses succeed
Keith Milsom
Keith Milsom
A business owner and consultant for more than 30 years, with the last 20 spent in e-commerce and online marketing .

  •  Qualified management accountant
  •  Corporate finance consultant 
  •  Started, ran and sold several businesses 
  •  Online marketing expert, trainer & presenter 
Jackie Vokes
Jackie Vokes
Extensive experience in physiotherapy, clinical governance, risk and patient safety .

  •  Qualified management accountant
  •  Corporate finance consultant 
  •  Started, ran and sold several businesses 
  •  Online marketing expert, trainer & presenter 
  •  Qualified physiotherapist, NHS and private
  •  Law degree, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy professional advisor 
  •  NHS Clinical governance, risk and patient safety 
  •  Now full-time marketing for practices 
The presentation is normally done live in an online meeting and is limited to 4 practice owners, but for a short time you can see the video recording of the training
Don't miss out on something that could make a big difference to your profits.  Any one element of this presentation could be the bit of magic you need to start making changes and dramatically improve your financial results.
Physio Marketing, Osteo Marketing, Chiro Marketing - Find out what really works for UK practices in this FREE marketing webinar
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