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• FREE MS WORD structured document template and usage video •
Online marketing training and tools
Get my template and start creating amazing documents just by adding your own content
With cover page, numbered heading levels, table of contents, footers with flexible page numbering and a lot more features plus a video on how to use it.  You will be able to create a professional looking report and change the styling to match your requirements and also learn a lot of time-saving features in Word on the way.  YOU WILL GET...
✔  My Word Structured Document Template
✔  My video on how to customise it to your requirements
✔  An extra free video training on Word Document Creation
AND I will keep in touch with my best Word time-saving tips and tricks.
Watch the video that explains how to use the template document
Watch the video
Want more 
Word Training?
We have put together a course to take you through all the basic functionality of Word in 20 short videos plus a course guide.  You will very quickly learn a lot of things that will save you a huge amount of time and help you create better documents.
Word Basic Course
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